Materials for pastel painting

The materials I use for pastel paintings.

Easel-Table or standing to enable you to work upright. 

Hahnemuhle Velour paper - M.G medium grey. I prefer using medium grey for most of my pictures as being a middle tone paper it works well for most subjects, but you can get a variety of colours.

Masking tape- To fix paper to light weight drawing board.

Mahl stick- To rest my wrist on to keep from smudging my work.

Soft pastels- For background.

Hard sticks - Faber-Castel polychromos  pastels.

Pastel pencils - Derwent pastel pencils are good for detailed work.

Pencil extender -is useful for when pastel pencils become to short to handle.

Pastel blenders- can be used or rub with your finger.

Smooth sand  paper - to sharpen pastels. eg. pastel pencil to keep sharp points and sticks to keep sharp edges. also you can use craft knife.

You can buy all these materials from The Society of all Artists.